Can you tell this is my first time here
Can you tell that i’m a liar
That I don’t have the time
‘cause you don’t have the time

I don’t want to drive so i’m hiding out
While I let her do all the grieving
And i’m trying to forget
I’m trying to forget

That you spend all of your days alone
All your days alone
Just you and your time
One day after another day
You just sit and wait
I know you sit and you wait

You’re a man of fewer words than I
So there’s no knowing if you like it
When I don’t talk
And you don’t talk

I have never tried the best I can
But I have tried to hide it
And I guess i’ll never say
And you will never know

That you were king of every man
When I knew the man you once were
My heart aches every time I see
You sitting there, waiting
Waiting, waiting

I am shooting in the dark
‘cause you don’t talk but I don’t ask
So no one knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
Nobody knows
But you