Drunk Orchestra

Baby, I am a drunk orchestra
Swinging from major to minor
Only the lonely can take me there
A bottle of booze and a shiner

I’m not a lady tonight
Come on now, baby, you know
You wanna get smoked

I gotta man who can make a fire
I gotta man who is free
I gotta man who can throw a ball
I gotta man who can see

I’m not gonna call him
But I will call him my lover on stage

One round for toys and nursery rhymes
Another for my long lost friend
Three cheers hurray for my father
A hero until the end

Oh my god, is what I never said
Is he here, is what I never asked
I want to leave, is what I didn’t say
How much more

Your flowers have wilted, my finger’s healed
The sheets have been washed and are drying
T he milk has been drunk and the coffee’s cold
I wonder when she will stop crying