I kept waking up, wondering where the hell I was
but I kept finding myself in my own bed
I was dreaming all night about beds in other places
different cities, different streets, different oceans

I flew in last night on my magical carpet
I returned from a land far, far away
where they eat dolls on sticks and music’s for sale and
where they have nothing. nothing, nothing to say

And as I am smoking my last cigarette of the morning
and I pout my very first glass of wine
I have to peel you off the ceiling on my own

I’m having a hard home-coming party
baby, it’s so quiet here
I can still smell the ocean on my dress
and I am keeping it for the cold, lonely nights

‘Cause now I have nowhere to go,
no one to meet in the morning
and I wonder where the hell I should go
I have to go
I have to go
I have to go
The ride was a trip so don’t ask me no questions
for my lips feel as though they’ve never been kissed
and I am kissing goodbye the eye of a beholder
and now I’m going to bed for all has been said
all has been said