Speak To Me

I can never tell what time it is
The sun has yet to set
Your blond hair turns golden in the midnight sun
And we have only just met

Midsummer night, the air is cooling down
And your arms carry me down to the lake
The water revives our naked bodies
We got hours until the world awakes

And I want you to speak to me
That’s all you gotta do to get me is
Speak to me
My body’s like the river when you
Speak to me
You can do anything you want to, just
Speak to me

I know some of the words you say
But I pretend not to understand
You saying where you wanna touch me and
How you wanna kiss me in the sand

The language you speak, it drives me crazy
And I’m putty in your hands all night long
Your heart beats to my heartbeat
Until midsummernight turns into midsummermorn