Where You Been

I can only guess
The mess we’re in
You’re gonna get us out
Without your bottles of gin
Don’t know where to begin
Who you tryin’ to impress
Where you been
Where you been

I won’t get on my knees
Please don’t make me go
Take your guns to town
Crown someone else’s ho
I ain’t here for you show
I’m here for what no one sees
Like where you been
Where you been

I got whiskey on my hands
And blood in my eyes

Now you’re knocking on my door
Your suitcase on the street
Guitar in your hand
Grand glory at your feet
Big people to meet
So what you come here for
And where you been
Where you been

The words that you’ve been lying
Denying your duty
The kids don’t know your name
Blame that on your roots, see
I am left with my beauty
And I am dying, baby, dying
Where you been